ATA FleetView is a revolutionary ATM management technology.

With a few clicks, view your entire ATM network. Zoom in and see down to the smallest decal. Click again to see the view next to your ATM, or behind it, or in the parking lot. Issues are highlighted according to your preferences and then managed with real-time status reporting of repairs, including before and after photos. All of this is easily accessed in your dashboard, so you won't have to dig.

Bring your ATM management into the 21st century with ATA FleetView.


Cleaning / Maintenance

Regular maintenance extends the life of your ATM fleet and provides a customer experience consistent with your institution and brand.

Your maintenance program ensures that branding, signage, lighting, and compliance issues are consistent throughout the fleet.

ATA FleetView makes it easy for you to monitor, track progress and update others in your work group.



ATA FleetView makes it easy for you to place repair orders, monitor repair status, track progress across the fleet, and update others in your work group.

Refurbish and repair kiosks, monitors, lighting and other physical issues.

Change stickers and update compliance notifications. ATA Services provides comprehensive ATM repairs. ATA FleetView  also provides you with Before and After photographs which are stored in the ATM's History tab.



ATA FleetView facilitates data capture and detailed reporting with custom surveys for ATM installations, ADA compliance or special projects.

Survey data are integrated with your
ATA FleetView  dashboard, rather than in a separate work order.

ATA FleetView  creates customized reports and stores special project info in the history of each ATM.