Are your ATM sites Compliant?

When a crime takes place at an ATM, the financial institution can be held liable due to poor lighting or lack of compliance with local laws.

We know the importance of meeting state lighting & safety regulations. To help protect from possible fines and lawsuits, we can provide you with scheduled lighting surveys, making certain your locations are well lit and within code, giving you peace of mind.

How it Works

Step 1

Our certified technician arrives at your site at night and does a detailed safety and night lighting check that will be documented in a detailed PDF report.

step 2

Detailed CAD drawings show the area. All lights are visually documented, showing burned out or low light issues. Also, Safety areas are identified.

step 3

Deficiencies are identified, photographed & uploaded seamlessly into StikkyData for easy management along with a detailed PDF report.

Our Safety & Lighting Surveys Include

Security Evaluation

We perform a comprehensive
security evaluation to identify
concealment risks, & other
factors affecting customer safety

Detailed Photographs

All ATM views are photographed.
Deficiencies are also identified
& photographed and uploaded
into StikkyData for easy management

Light Levels are Recorded

Illumination values determined
from the ATM face to 60’
out in all directions using a
calibrated light meter

CAD Drawing

A detailed CAD drawing of the
area light brightness. All lights
are visually documented, showing
burned out or low light issues

Survey Measurements

All Illumination values within
a 60 foot radius from the atm
are recorded and placed
in a measurement diagram


You get a detailed report with
recommendations on what is required
to meet state compliance
required by a regulative entity

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